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Write your Will in as little as 15 minutes

Writing a Will in the digital world does not require expensive face-to-face time with a solicitor. Our automated online platform enables you to make a legally binding document, designed with expert legal input from Scottish solicitors, in as little as 15 minutes. All with clear and helpful guidance at each step.

  • Legally binding document
  • Suitable for Scottish residents
  • Quick and easy to complete
  • Clear guides and support
  • Unlimited free updates
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How does it work?

Writing a Will sounds complex. You are looking for an easy way to make a legal document that reflects your wishes.

See how our online service helps guide you though the process. From registering for a free account to purchasing your document.

If you still have questions, read our FAQs or read our detailed guide about Writing a Will in Scotland.

How to write a Will

Three easy steps using our online platform

Add people to your Will

Answer some simple questions

We will ask you some quick and easy questions about your wishes. You can write your document in as little as 15 minutes.


Review your Will

Our online platform is designed with expert legal input from Scottish solicitors. You just need to confirm your wishes are correct.

Review people and their roles in your Will
Print, sign and witness your Will document

Print and sign

Print and then sign each page of your Will document, then you and a witness should sign and date it on the last page to make it legally binding. You can make changes for free, at any time with a subscription.

Cost of making a Will

Unlimited updates anytime when your circumstances change, included free for the first year, then choose to continue for only £10 per year.

Typical Solicitor
£ 350 / Will
Legally binding Will
Weeks to complete
Extra cost for changes
Physical copy only
£ 90 / Will
Takes as little as 15 minutes
Legally binding Will
Instant document delivery
Suitable for Scottish residents
Designed with Solicitors
Free unlimited updates
Online and physical copies
Simple help and support
Free secure storage
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Writing Guide

Everything you need to write your own Will

Choose a topic and read our detailed guide on how to write a Will in Scotland.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to the questions we get asked the most.

No, you do not need to use a solicitor to write a Will. You should seek the advice of a solicitor in certain circumstances, for example if you have property overseas or need help with Inheritance Tax planning. Our Wills provide everything you need for a standard Will, including gifting cash and items, sharing your estate, naming Guardians for your children and planning your funeral.

Answer 5 simple questions to see if WeWill meets your needs.

Yes it is. Our Will writing platform has been designed with expert legal input from Scottish solicitors and as long as each page of your Will is signed at the bottom and then signed and witnessed on the last page, your Will will be legally binding giving you peace of mind.

Solicitors typically charge over £300 to write a single Will with additional costs for any amendments you make want to subsequently make. Many cheaper online Will writing services do not offer Wills that are legally binding in Scotland. We offer a quick and easy way to make a legally binding Will under Scots Law for only £90 with unlimited updates for a year.

You should always keep your Will updated, especially if there has been a change of your circumstances, such as getting married, divorced, having children, receiving an inheritance or selling assets. It is important not to make changes to an existing Will document that has been signed and witnessed. Any changes made this way do not form part of the original legally valid Will. per year ongoing.

You can update your Will as many times as you wish during the first year for no additional charge. After the first year you can choose to continue having access to make changes for only £10 per year.

If a person dies without making a Will they are considered 'dying intestate', their estate will be shared according to the rules of intestacy. To avoid this happening it is always best to make a valid Will to help your family members to make sure your wishes are executed.

All of our Wills come with free unlimited updates for the first year. As your circumstances change, you can update your Will to reflect your new wishes and create a new Will document. After the first year, you can choose to continue to have unlimited updates for only £10 per year.

We work closely with a Scottish law firm who operate nationwide and are experts in the areas of Wills and Inheritance. If you choose to store your Will with them, they will ensure your Will is signed correctly and store your Will securely in their safe for free and provide you with a copy of the signed document by post for your own records.

You do not need to know any legal jargon to use our online Will writing service. We make every step easy to understand and complete. If you have any questions please refer to our extensive Help Centre.

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